Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SXSW 2009 Day 5

Quickly, may add detail later:

First, a talk on photojournalism and The Big Picture website, by the guy who curates it.

Then a short stop to hear Susan Weinschenk presenting material from her book on the Neurological web.

Followed this by a lively panel of "internet famous" bloggers, e.g. the owners of passive-agressive notes, I can has cheezeburger, dooce, and stuff white people like.

Lunch: big pizza slice at Ropollos on 6th.

Keynote interview of Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine editor and author of The Long Tail (and upcoming Free).

NPR Music panel.

Panel on using the web for political organization.

Movie at Alamo Ritz (including dinner) -- "Trust Us: This is All Made Up"

Spike Lee movie at the Paramount, "Passing Strange". Spike did Q&A.

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