Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW Day 9

Saturday March 15:

2pm: Went to the Rachael Ray party for food (apparently she's a cook on some TV show) but it was too crowded. So, I walked around 6th street instead and bought a Bratwurst. Killed some time by going through Flatstock again and taking some pictures on 6th street. Saw Billy Bragg on the street corner outside the Thirsty Nickel, so I took his picture. We also signed up for the Utne Reader party and got a bag of their swag (tea, coffee, and....a jump drive!? Some useful stuff there).

Across the street at the Ritz, we went to another movie, at 4:30: "The Night James Brown Saved Boston". It chronicled the events of his Boston concert the night after the MLK murder and how he helped to keep order.

Then over to the Paramount Theater for the 6:30 movie, "Young@Heart". What a great movie to finish with! This followed a group of 75-92 year olds who are part of a singing group, singing modern rock songs. Picture 80-year-olds singing The Clash, The Ramones, Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, etc. We stayed for the Q&A which included some of the singers. We also saw Steve Buscemi on our way out, though I'm not aware of any movies here that he was involved with.

Next, on to the last night of music. Went to see Del Castillo at Antone's; they're always fun to watch. Left slightly before they were done to get to the Convention Center and queue up for Carbon/Silicon, mostly to see Mick Jones play. (Live broadcast on Direct TV).

I then walked up and down 6th street again trying to take some decent pictures to capture the general frenzy. I'm not so good at night photos. I took a couple from the Maggie Mae rooftop that are OK.

To end the night, I walked back to Antone's and saw the end of Patrice Pike's set, and then stayed for Carolyn Wonderland's set. Now, I don't know why Carolyn Wonderland isn't more famous -- she can really sing and play blues guitar as well as anyone.

And with that, my SXSW closes. Time to catch up on sleep.

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